When a client requires encrypted calls.

Intended Audience

Admin, Reseller

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. In Zoiper go to SettingsPreferences

  2. Click the Advanced button then the Security tab and enter the following information
    • Extra CA certificats (PEM)
    • Set Protocol suite to TLSv1

  3. Go to the Accounts tab and click the Create account button
  4. Follow the steps of the Account Wizard
    • Account type: SIP
    • Enter the account’s softphone credentials

    • Make sure Skip auto-detection is checked

  5. After the wizard you will be presented with the Accounts section
  6. Click the Advanced tab and set the following options
    • Use TLS transport
    • TLS with SDES SRTP
    • Don’t use STUN
    • In TLS client certificate select use certificate as Use default

  7. Click OK to save and register