You want to access the service using the Zoiper5 softphone in Windows.

Intended Audience


Step-by-Step Gguide

  1. Open Zoiper5

    On first launch you may get a warning from the Windows Defender Firewall – Be sure to Allow access at least on Private networks

  2. Click Continue as a Free User (unless you obtained a PRO license – which is not necessary for the use of ClusterPBX)

  3. Enter your Extension as the user name and your softphone password (called Secret on the ClusterPBX interface)
  4. Click Login
  5. Enter the server name in the hostname field
  6. Click Next
  7. Click on the Skip button on the Authentication and Outbound proxy page

  8. Zoiper5 will attempt to detect the connection type – SIP UDB should be selected by default

  9. Click on the Next button
  10. Optionally – you can click Configure to test and configure your sound and video input or Skip to use default values

  11. You should now be able to place calls, add contacts, etc.

Disable STUN

From the settings screen click the account that cannot connect:

  1. Click the Advanced link in the toolbar
  2. Scroll down to the Networks section
  3. Pick Don’t use STUN from the Use STUN menu