You need to configure the Zoiper softphone app to access your ClusterPBX SIP account.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Automatic Configuration

Manual configuration information is after the steps for the automatic configuration, these should only be used if you encounter a problem with the first method.

  1. Connect to your instance of ClusterPBX
  2. Go to the My Softphone page on ClusterPBX
  3. Download Zoiper if you don’t already have it
  4. Open Zoiper

  5. Press the Dialer button on the toolbar (Android screenshots)

  6. Press the QR code button

  7. A viewfinder will show up on your phone screen, point it at the QR code on the ClusterPBX / My Softphone page

    It should take a few seconds and you will be connected.

Manual Configuration

  1. Download Zoiper if you don’t already have it
  2. Open the Zoiper app

  3. Press the Config button then go into Accounts

  4. Press Add account
  5. Press Yes when prompted

  6. Press Manual Configuration

  7. Select the SIP option

  8. Enter an Account Name then fill in the Authentication section with the information from the My Softphone page on ClusterPBX

  9. Press Save at the bottom to complete the operation
  10. Zoiper will now connect to the service

    Successful connection example

    Registration failed (Request Timeout (408)