You will need to access the Users panel, under a client account, whenever a new extension or service that requires one is requested by a client.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Login to ClusterPBX under an account that has Client levels credentials
  2. Click the Users link in the navigation menu
  3. Click the Add User button in the toolbar
  4. Enter all the required information about the user in the General tab, the requirements will change from account to account

  5. Optional: Fill in the information under the other tabs
  6. Click Apply

Tabs Configuration Reference

Tab Options Screenshot
General Contact Information

User Settings

Phone Settings

Advanced Caller ID

Custom Destinations on Unavailable

Custom Destination on Busy

Voicemail Option 0 Destination

Dial Timeout

Exclude From Directory

Device Buttons Add Button

Remove Button

Device Clone Clone’s Mac address
White List Extensions List
Voicemail Enable notification

Use login email

Send notification to

Send short notification to

Delete voicemail after notification

Extensions to watch

Custom Provisioning Custom template