You need to configure the Linphone softphone app to access your ClusterPBX SIP account.

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Step-by-step guide

If you are using the encrypted (TLS) service you need to follow the steps inside the following document: How-to Install and Configure Linphone

  1. Download Linphone for the desired platform from the official web site
  2. Install the application
    • Windows: run the setup
    • Mac OS X: Open the .dmg file and drag the file to the Applications folder
    • Smartphones/Tablets: Download and install the app from their respective appstore
  3. Open the Linphone application
  4. Open the Linphone Preferences
  5. Pick your desired Language from the dropdown menu under the User Interface tab (the default is your system language)

  6. Click the ASSISTANT button to start the configuration assistant

  7. Click the USE A SIP ACCOUNT button

  8. Enter the information about your SIP account as found on your ClusterPBX account’s My Softphone page (available only to User accounts)

    From My Softphone Page:

    To Linphone SIP Account Creation Page:

    • Username: Your extension
    • Display name (optional): You may want to type your name there
    • SIP Domain: The server on the My Softphone page (Also your ClusterPBX realm) followed by the port number specified on the user’s My Softphone page (:8060)
    • Password: Your softphone password – Secret on the My softphone page
    • Transport: Leave on UDP
  9. Click the Active account button at the top right to switch to the account you just created

  10. Select the account under the Active account drop down menu

  11. Click OK to connect to it – You are done, unless you are on an encrypted VoIP system