Getting started guide made with the intent to help Resellers getting started with ClusterPBX – you’ll learn how to create client accounts, users and configure your first phone/softphone to make a call.

Intended Audience


Step-by-step guide

Create your first client account

Make your first call

Connect under a user account:

Follow these steps if you want to create a user account from scratch: Getting Started With a Reseller Account

  1. Click Users in the menu
  2. Select an account in the list
  3. Click Connect As User on the toolbar at the top – You will see the user’s control panel
  4. Click the My Softphone entry in the navigation
  5. Install Zoiper (preferably on your smartphone or tablet)
  6. From the device where Zoiper is installed Scan the QR code to add the account you are connected on as a dialing profile.

How to scan the QR code using Zoiper – press the QR code icon (Bar Code) on the dialpad screen or any version:

You are now ready to place your first call using our VoIP service – since the account comes with an 8$ credit and the first extensions are free of charge it truly is free to try the service, you have no obligation to enter any billing information.

If you wish to create a user account with your name on it.