How to use the voicemail system on ClusterPBX.

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ClusterPBX’s voicemail system offers standard messaging functions. It is accessible by dialing « *97 » from your extension. If you are using a different telephone on the network dial « *98 » and then enter your extension number.

You will be prompted to enter your password. If one was provided to you when the account was created, enter it. It is also very important to record your name, that will be used by the directory.

Default greeting messages are in place until you record your personal ones.

The following is a list of default star codes for your telephone system. These codes are either manufacturer default or have been programmed by Modulis and are only valid if you did not modify any feature codes.

Voicemail box

  • *97 (default password: 1234)
  • Change password: *97, existing password, 0, 5, new password

Voicemail greetings (3 messages to be recorded)

  • Record your unavailable message
  • Record your busy message
  • Record your name (**mandatory**)
  • Record your temporary / out of office message

To record your unavailable message

  • *97, password, 0, 1
  • Once recording is finished, dial #, 1

To record your busy message

  • **97, password, 0, 2
  • Once recording is finished, dial #, 1

Record your name (**mandatory**)

  • *97, password, 0, 3
  • Once recording is finished, dial #, 1

Record your temporary / out of office message

  • *97, password, 0, 4
  • Once recording is finished, dial #, 1
  • The temporary message is activated by default. To deactivate it, your must have recorded an unavailable message. Then, dial *97, password, 0,4,2

To listen to your messages remotely: Call your extension, press * when your hear the greeting, then enter your password when prompted.

Main menu

  • 1 Listen to Message(s)
  • 2 Change folder
  • 3 Advanced options
  • 0 Voicemail box options
  • * Help
  • # Exit

0 Voicemail box options

  • 1 Record your unavailable message
  • 2 Record your busy message
  • 3 Record your name
  • 4 Manage temporary greeting (out of office. activated when a message is recorded)
  • 5 Change password
  • * Return to main menu

2 Change folder

  • 0 Save in new Messages
  • 1 Save in old Messages
  • 2 Save in Work Messages
  • 3 Save in Family Messages
  • 4 Save in Friends Messages
  • # cancel

3 Advanced options

  • 5 Leave a message
  • * Return to main menu
  • * Help; while listening to message: Rewind message
  • # Exit; while listening to message: Fast forward

After recording a message (incoming, busy, unavailable, temporary or name)

  • 1 Accept
  • 2 Listen again
  • 3 Record again
  • 0 Reach operator (if configured by your administrator). Not available during greetings recording.


  • Busy: caller understands that you are in the office, but busy talking on the other line.
  • Not available: you are not available to get to the phone (main greeting). The reason why is unknown (not in the office, not available, etc).
  • Temporary: this is the “out of office” / vacation message. Recording this temporary message allows you to keep your usual greeting that you will be able to use again, once you return to the office.