You can configure your personal options on the Settings page.


Advanced tab

Call Settings

  • Follow Me: Inbound calls to your extension will also be sent to this number.
  • Forward: Redirects inbound calls to another phone number.
  • Call Waiting: status of the call waiting feature
  • Do Not Disturb: Status of the do not disturb feature

Available Destinations

These are the destinations (prefixes) that the user is allowed to call. Click on See more to see the allowed dialling prefixes (Ex.: Montreal; 514 XXXXX ,438 XXXXX, etc.).

Account tab

Reset your web interface password (the password used to login to ClusterPBX) here.

Voicemail Box tab


  • Change your Voicemail Box Pin
  • Configure your Voicemail to Email parameters
  • Upload recordings for Your Unavailable Message, Your Name, Your Busy Message, Auto-reply