Generic provisioning template for Yealink phones.

Intended Audience

Admin, Reseller, Client


File pattern: %%mac%%.cfg


#Enable or disable the account1, 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;
account.1.enable = 1
#Configure the label displayed on the LCD screen for account1.
account.1.label = %%last_name%% %%first_name%%
#Enable or disable to use the alert info URL; 0-Enabled (default), 1-Disabled;
account.1.alert_info_url_enable = 1
#Configure the display name of account1.
account.1.display_name = %%last_name%% %%first_name%%
#Configure the username and password for register authentication.
account.1.auth_name = %%username%%
account.1.password = %%password%% 
#Configure the register user name.
account.1.user_name =  %%username%%
#Configure the SIP server address.
account.1.sip_server_host = %%realm%%
#Specify the port for the SIP server. The default value is 5060.
account.1.sip_server_port = 5060
#Enable or disable to use the outbound proxy server; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;
account.1.outbound_proxy_enable = 1
#Specify the IP address or domain name of the outbound proxy server.
account.1.outbound_host = %%outbound_proxy_ip%%
#Specify the server port, the default value is 5060.
account.1.outbound_port = %%sip_port%%
#Configure the transport type; 0-UDP (default), 1-TCP, 2-TLS, 3-DNS SRV;
account.1.transport = 0