The calls panel of ClusterPBX can be used to view the status of users that are part of specific ClusterPBX departments.

Intended Audience

Reseller, Client, User


Call Panel Features


  • Total users
  • Online / Offline user ratio
  • On call users
  • Filter users list
  • Connection status of the page


  • User (line) status
  • Custom watch list
  • Active calls
  • Active call listening
  • Department
  • Voicemail – no listening


Setting Up the Call Panel

Before accessing the Calls Panel three configurations must be made in ClusterPBX.

  1. Enable the Ability to use call panel feature for the profile(s) of the Client account, using the Reseller account
    Go to User ProfilesEdit ProfileFeaturescheck Ability to use call panel

  2. Make sure all user account are assigned to the Departments that have the feature assigned
    UsersEdit userGeneral (tab)

  3. Grant the desired users access to monitor the desired departments Call Panel
    UsersEdit userCall Panel Settings (last tab)

Using the Calls Panel

Accessing the Call Panel

Users will use their ClusterPBX account to access the Calls Panel at the URL specified by your Modulis contact (usually http://callpanel.clusterpbx.%%tld%% ).

Login using your ClusterPBX user name and password, the panel can only be accessed by user level accounts, they will see only the departments they were granted access to — an administrator / reseller or client account will not work for this purpose.

On the first connection the browser (chrome, firefox, etc.) you will be prompted to grant access to your microphone, you must click Allow

Call Panel Overview

Top Bar Features

The top bar allows you to Sign out and view your connection status to the SIP and messaging server.

Filterable Users List Features

You can also drag users from the list directly to where you want to place them in the pinned tab list (center section).

Pinned Tab Section

The center section is used to pin often viewed extensions, it gives a more detailed view of their status and the ability to listen to active calls.

Stats Side Bar

The graph shows the calls for the last hour, there is one unit for every minute.
Number of users monitored.
Number of connected and disconnected users.
Number of users on calls.


How-to Pin or Un-pin a Card

To add a card to the main section either:

  • Drag the extension from the users list to the pinned tab section and drop it where you want the card to be in the list.
  • Click the (append to buddy list icon) the card will be added at the end of the list.
  • Click the on the card to un-pin it from the panel

You can re-order the cards by dragging them around, but you cannot drag them back to the users list.

How-to Listen a Call

You can listen to ongoing calls directly from the panel (it does not give access to call recordings in any way).

When a user is on a call the headset icon is highlighted (dark)

  1. Click the icon to see the list of calls the user is currently partaking
  2. Click the call you want to listen

  3. You will see the Realtime call listening dialog

  4. To end the listening session click the Hangup button — despite the name, it will not terminate the call for the participants.

Status icons

These are the same

Icon Status Effect
Available Phone will ring, the user should be at their desk
Be right back Phone will ring, but may not be at their desk
Out to lunch Phone will ring, but may not be at their desk
User is busy Phone will not ring
User is away Phone will not ring
Calling… The user’s phone is ringing, or the user is calling but the call has not been answered yet
User is on a call Phone will not ring
User is offline Phone will not ring
Outbound call
Inbound call
Voicemail — no message
Voicemail — number of messages NOTE: Voicemail messages
Data and SIP connection status If these icons are not both solid green the panel will not update its information.

Refresh the page to fix it.

Action icons

Icon Action
Pin card
Unpin card
Listen to current call