One of the core concepts you will need to be familiar with when navigating the ClusterPBX interface it the different roles and their associated controls over the VoIP service and feature set.

Intended Audience

Reseller, Client, User


Account Types Overview:

Reseller account manage their clients and the related options – they can login under Client or User accounts to perform the duties under their respective credentials.

Client accounts are responsible for buying and managing DIDs, creating queues, creating and managing users, changing user’s various passwords, which features they have access to individually, company wide features like Ring groups, IVRs, and Queues are also managed at the client level.

Client accounts can be shared with a designated IT ressource in the client’s organization – however smaller businesses or teams may not have someone who is neither knowledgeable nor at ease with managing VoIP related features – in this case the reseller may decide to make an arrangement to provide those services VoIP management services (creating queues, configuring the IVR, managing for them.

User level accounts have an extension and a voicemail – and have control over the related options for their own use.

Account Types Matrix

Reseller Client User
Client accounts
User accounts and extensions
White label features
Call logs/ongoing
Provisioning templates
User profiles
Call recordings
Destination aliases
Ring groups
Time conditions
Scheduled tasks
Digital receptionist (IVR)
Music on hold
Dial profiles
Voicemail callbacks
Feature ( * ) codes
Dial pattern
Inbound call rules
Toggle destinations
Voicemail broadcasts
Custom dialplan
Caller ID
CRM integration
Profile picture
Voicemail messages
Online conference
Personal conference
Follow me


Mark Definition
Has control over the feature
No control